• Another incest performed by Meg and Chris

    August 2nd, 2010Stewart GriffinFamily Guy orgies, Meg

    In such lustful families like mine, incests happen every day. And this day is not an exception – look how Peter and Chris can’t hold themselves and shove their long shafts into Meg’s and Lois’s holes! They fuck their faces, their chocolate asses, their feet and boobs. They jack off over their bodies, spilling their hot semen over them. So dirty and kinky! Now wonder we get into various trouble – those horny idiots can’t think normally ‘cause their heads are stuffed with sex thoughts! Agh, I’ve already had enough of this smut – you can watch it, if you like, and I’ll go and seek for some pleasant occupation. Don’t like to waste my time on those filthy bastards.

    More sexy cartoons.

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