• Griffins get ripped by Futurama characters

    November 24th, 2010Stewart GriffinFamily Guy orgies, Lois, Meg

    Yesterday my family visited Futurama. I’ve heard about those fools, and I also know that there’s a weird robot – Bender, who also has his own cartoon porn blog. Well, I’m gonna wipe his face, ‘cause my toon sex reports will be better than his ones. Anyway, our team was severely pumped there – those Leela and Zoidberg are real monsters! Horny beasts that think of nothing except sex, and they are ready to do anything that brings them pleasure, even if it’s combined with horrible pain! So get ready for some ass ripping, pussy pumping and face fucking – the whole Griffin family (except me) is at their best to stretch those smug butts! Huh, well, how ‘bout that?

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