• Another crazy day with kinky Griffins

    April 26th, 2010Stewart GriffinFamily Guy orgies, Lois, Meg

    This day everyone was especially horny. Peter just couldn’t help poking Meg’s plump butt, and Lois slid her hands down her daughter’s belly to tease her clit. Chris and Peter had a nice threesome with Lois, stuffing her holes with their shafts. Even some of our neighbors came to help everybody out. Meanwhile I got a great opportunity to cuff my mother and have a little sex experiment with her. I have just bought a great knout and nice leather suit, so I could whip her on her plump ass and huge boobs, hearing her loud screams. Marvelous night, I should tell. All went great, and Meg’s and Mom’s pussies were surely stretched well after today’s snatch shoving.

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