• scissors
    October 18th, 2010Stewart GriffinFamily Guy orgies, Lois

    Okay, now I feel like some kind of a porn artist. Or a cameraman. Maybe I should change the specialty… Anyway. Here’s another juicy set of pictures with my parents, Peter and Lois, performing wild sex outside. At our lovely backyard they feel an ultimate sex hunger, which can only be satisfied by sticking a large penis into Lois’s wet horny twat. The fresh air turns them on, and their horny minds start inventing such poses that no normal man would be thinking of. The kinkiest inventor here is Brian – he can sometimes be very cruel. His furry cock shows no mercy to the Griffins’ pussies, and he is restless – he can fuck all day long and still beg for more! Crazy dog, I’ve always hated him. Well, here are the pics.

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