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    February 15th, 2012BlogEditorChris, Meg

    Another Family Guy porn episode, and again Meg will spread her sexy legs in front of her stupid brother Chris! Frankly speaking I’m tired to spy after these two, as they keep fucking throughout the house, but my duty is to show you everything that happens in this wicked house, so here we go. Chris’s long dick looks more like one of a horse, but that doesn’t seem to scare naked Meg at all! She jumps on the bed and grabs it with both her hands, pushing it inside her shaved pussy with loud moans! Her sexy round boobs shake as she jumps on top of her brother’s rod, happy with her brother’s enthusiasm towards her! Well, you’ll see the rest when you watch the whole story.

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  • scissors
    December 21st, 2010Stewart GriffinFamily Guy orgies, Meg

    Okay, now I’ve got some spare time, so I tried my best, and today I proudly present you another Family Guy porn comics. It’s a special release for me – I’ve spent many nights on this one. Do you know how hard it is to draw sex comics at night, without proper light, when your stupid mother checks you every hour? Well, I do. But enough of talking – just see the pictures showing Meg sucking my mighty cock, and you will get a very special amusement. She tries her best to cover my weapon with saliva, swallowing it and making everything to please her brother. Then I ride her like a mad dog, slapping her plump butt, and insert my shaft deep inside her chocolate cave. Ah, this one is my masterpiece!

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