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    November 14th, 2010Stewart GriffinFamily Guy orgies, Lois, Meg

    Yeah, the pot can be really dangerous. Some strange guy brought some yesterday for Peter, and soon the whole family already knew what are the real delusions like. For example, my vision was that we were trapped in the Jetsons cartoon. George Jetson was taking us for a ride on hi personal spaceship, and there was a good fuck afterwards. I got along with Judy and nailed her tight ass, Peter had some time with Janet’s hairy twat, and Meg has finally got herself a rough ass pummel from Elroy. I was assisting there, too. Yeah, man, that was some serious shit. Better not use it the next time – my brain is still vital to me.

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    September 25th, 2010Stewart GriffinFamily Guy orgies, Lois

    Okay, now the sex life of my parents has apparently become very poor. How else can I explain the fact that they started playing role games? Oh, well. Nothing left for me but to take pictures of Peter fucking Lois and post them to my blog. Maybe some confident person will at least do something to get me out of this damn family. While I’m waiting, I propose you to look at the pics – nothing else left to do. Lois is riding Peter’s boner, acting as a mad horse rider. She dressed like a cowgirl and now has fun, bouncing on top of his meaty shaft. Peter is in horse costume – how ingenious. The whole sex scene is total smut, ass licking and cock swallowing. Well, at least I have something to do while they fuck.

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